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Posted to Company Name
2018-11-15 66503 Wetaskiwin Adams Chev Olds Ponoka Quick Lube Tech Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66519 Edmonton Allstyle Finishing and Interiors Inc Drywall Taper/1076532 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66507 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin CEDA Industrial Services(Fort McMurray) Labourer - fluid management/http://www.ceda.com/careers/current-opportunities. Full Time Temporary
2018-11-15 66514 Edmonton FANCY DOORS AND MOULDINGS LTD Trades Helper - Construction/1074786 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66513 Edmonton Fionn MacCool's Cook/1074647 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66508 Wetaskiwin Fountain Tire Ponoka Tire Technician/1075637 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66512 Edmonton J.K. WOOD WORK LTD. General Labourer - Manufacturing/1074693 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66511 Edmonton J.K. WOOD WORK LTD. Cabinetmaker/1074694 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66506 Wetaskiwin Litek Interiors Camrose Construction Labourer/1059907 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66505 Wetaskiwin LKQ Corporation Ponoka Yard Parts Puller Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66504 Wetaskiwin Maple Leaf foods Wetaskiwin General Labourer Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66515 Edmonton Punjab excavating Ltd Truck Driver/1076067 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66509 Edmonton Rocker Masonry LTD Tilesetter/1075687 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66510 Edmonton The Leduc Total Cleaning Company Light Duty Cleaner/1073387 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66518 Edmonton UPS Delivery Truck Driver Helper/1076372 Part Time Temporary
2018-11-15 66517 Edmonton VICTORY HOMES LTD. Drywall Installer/1076443 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-15 66516 Edmonton VICTORY HOMES LTD. Plasterer/1076441 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66498 Wetaskiwin Battle River Broilers Ltd. Poultry Farm Labourer/1062584 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66500 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Core Design Ltd. General Labourer Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66497 Wetaskiwin Door Dash Delivery Driver Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66496 Wetaskiwin Honeybear Apiaries Ltd. Apiary Worker/1024655 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66502 Wetaskiwin Perma Pike Canada (Camrose) labourer Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66501 Wetaskiwin Town of Ponoka Casual Cashier Part Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66495 Wetaskiwin Walmart Wetaskiwin Fulfillment Associate Full Time Permanent
2018-11-14 66499 Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin Diner Cook/1011823 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66492 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin 7 Eleven Leduc Sales Assoicate Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66481 Edmonton Capital Truck Body and Equipment Greaser/1073152 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66476 Edmonton Chutneys Indian Grill Line Cook/1074235 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66479 Edmonton Days Inn Downtown Housekeeping Attendant/1072552 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66491 Wetaskiwin Dent Wizard International Paintless Dent Removal Technician Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66484 Edmonton Gill Built Homes Stucco Plasterer/1073058 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66488 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Mountain Warehouse Retail Sales Associate Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66490 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin National Oilwell Varco Inventory/Yard Associate/https://www.nov.com/Careers.aspx Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66482 Edmonton Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar Cook/OJSAC5 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66485 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Paradise Inn & Suites Leduc Housekeeper/room attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66486 Wetaskiwin Perry's Pizza Ponoka Cook Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66493 Wetaskiwin Safeway Wetaskiwin Night Crew stock clerk Part Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66494 Wetaskiwin Seasons Retirement Home Concierge - Resident/Guest Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66487 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Secure Energy Services Leduc Shop Hand/https://recruiting.ultipro.ca/SEC5000/JobBoard/75c Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66480 Edmonton Tackpoint LP General Labourer - Manufacturing/1071336 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66478 Edmonton Tricom Building Maintenance Housekeeping Room Attendant/1072157 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66477 Edmonton West Edmonton Truckland Front Desk Clerk/1073279 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66489 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Western Budget Motels Leduc Housekeeper/Room Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-13 66483 Edmonton Zarzor Restaurant Cook/1073109 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66469 Wetaskiwin A.C.T. Home Services Wetaskiwin labourers and subcontractors/780-352-7663 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66468 Wetaskiwin Adams Chevrolet Wetaskiwin Receptionist Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66474 Wetaskiwin Avenue Living Camrose Apartment Maintenance person/1071729 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66467 Wetaskiwin Canseis Drilling Services Inc. Drilling helper/facebook Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66472 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Certa Industries Labourer in Metal Fabrication Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66470 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Comfort Inn & Suites EIA Room Clerk/1047360 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66471 Wetaskiwin Cosmic Pizza Wetaskiwin Food Service Supervisor/1071484 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66473 Wetaskiwin Humpty's Family Restaurant Camrose Cook/1068873 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66475 Edmonton Premier Service Inc. Mystery Shopper - Edmonton Part Time Temporary
2018-11-09 66466 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Salem Manor Nursing Home Leduc Housekeeping Aide/1071032 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66465 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Salem Manor Nursing Home Leduc Cook/1071007 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-09 66464 Wetaskiwin Tim Hortons Wetaskiwin Baker/1070579 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66456 Edmonton B&T Excavating Ltd. Backhoe Operator/1070337 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66457 Edmonton B&T Excavating Ltd. General Construction Labourer/1070406 Part Time Temporary
2018-11-08 66460 Edmonton B&T Excavating Ltd. Heavy Equipment Operator/1069853 Part Time Temporary
2018-11-08 66451 Edmonton Denny's Restaurants Restaurant Cook/1070486 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66454 Edmonton Edo Japan Cook/1069988 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66463 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Hampton Inn and Suites Leduc Housekeeper Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66461 Edmonton HQ INDUSTRIES CNC Machine Set-up Operator - Metal Machining/1068929 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66458 Edmonton JW Research Ltd Sales Representative - Retail/1070131 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66453 Edmonton Orange Julius/Dairy Queen Food Counter Attendant/1069513 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66452 Edmonton QUEEN DONAIR Cook/1067686 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66455 Edmonton Rago Millwork & Supplies Co Ltd Cabinetmaker/1070113 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66462 Wetaskiwin Town of Ponoka - Aquaplex Cashier - Pooka Aquaplex/200 5604 50 Street Ponoka, AB T4J 1G5 Phone: 40 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-08 66459 Edmonton TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance Inc Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner/1071063 Part Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66448 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Best Western Denham Inn Leduc Breakfast Server Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66447 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Denny's Restaurants Cook/1070489 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66441 Wetaskiwin Dollarama Store Associate Part Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66446 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Edo Japan Cook/1069988 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66442 Wetaskiwin Family Meats Ponoka Production Worker Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66444 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Rigid Oilfield Services Ltd. Swamper (Oilfield Services)/1069468 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66450 Wetaskiwin Safeway Wetaskiwin Clerk/Requisition ID: 47283 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66443 Wetaskiwin St Thomas School Drivision School Custodian/1069834 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66445 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Starline Painting Ltd. Painter/1067466 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-07 66449 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Torch Industries Ltd. Camp Attendant/100/101, 17914 105 Ave NE Edmonton, AB Toll Free: Full Time Permanent
2018-11-06 66439 Edmonton Creekside Home and Garden (Dunvegan) Field Crop and Vegetable-growing Worker/1064932 Full Time Temporary
2018-11-06 66435 Edmonton Kingswood Interiors Ltd Kitchen Cabinet Installer/1069062 Full Time Temporary
2018-11-06 66437 Edmonton Rigid Oilfield Services Ltd Swamper - Oilfield Services/1069468 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-06 66436 Edmonton STARLINE PAINTING LTD. Helper, Painter and Decorator/1067467 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-06 66440 Edmonton Total Maintenance Services Inc. Landscape Labourer/1065768 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66426 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Paul Landscaping and Fences Ltd. Landscaper/1067437 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66427 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Paul Landscaping and Fences Ltd. General Labourer - Landscaping/1067436 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66432 Wetaskiwin Points West Living Kitchen Prep Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66430 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Royal Food Products Warehouse Associate/1068121 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66429 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Royal Food Products Warehouse Associate/1068121 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66431 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Sai Cleaning Services Ltd. Light Duty Cleaner/1067326 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66434 Wetaskiwin Saws n Ladders Ltd. General Labourer Part Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66428 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Starline Painting Ltd. Painter/1067466 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-05 66433 Wetaskiwin Wannasign Wetaskiwin Customer Service Rep Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66419 Wetaskiwin Ace Manuracturing Assembly Personnel/apply: http://www.acemfg.com/contact.html#caranch Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66415 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Alstar Oilfield Contractors Ltd. General camp Labourers Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66414 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Beaver Drilling cook and camp attendant jobs Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66417 Wetaskiwin Bigstone Custom Cabinets Millet Painter Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66420 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Crepe Delicious Outlet Mall Nisku Crepe Maker Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66424 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Edo Japan Cook/1065900 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66408 Edmonton H & B Drywall And Insulation Drywall Installer/1066735 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66421 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Kal Tire Leduc General Labourer Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66406 Edmonton OZ Shower Doors Glazier Helper/1066960 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66425 Wetaskiwin PR Sub Express Sub Cook/customer service Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66409 Edmonton Rasoi The Indian Kitchen Cook/1066484 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66422 Wetaskiwin Seasons Retirement Communities Dining Room and Guest attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66410 Edmonton Shenanigans Pub & Grill Cook/1063640 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66413 Edmonton Total Maintenance Services Inc. Landscape Labourer/1065768 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66418 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Travelodge Hotel Leduc Breakfast Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66416 Wetaskiwin Walmart Wetaskiwin Tire & Lube technician Full Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66423 Wetaskiwin Wolf Creek Public Schools Ponoka Casual Custodian Part Time Permanent
2018-11-02 66412 Edmonton Zeebee's Siding Siding Installer/1066080 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66403 Wetaskiwin Abaco Drilling Technologies Forklift Operator Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66402 Wetaskiwin Aecon Industrial Solutions Labourers Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66395 Wetaskiwin Aurora Cannabis Nisku Harvest team member Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66388 Edmonton BLUE STAR STUCCO Stucco Plasterer/1065505 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66386 Edmonton Canasia Solutions Inc. Drywall Installer/1065549 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66387 Edmonton Flexcim Services Inc Machinist/1065694 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66385 Edmonton Flexcim Services Inc General Labourer - Manufacturing/1065850 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66396 Wetaskiwin Liquids in Motion Ltd. Wash Rack Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66397 Wetaskiwin McDonald's Restaurant Wetaskiwin Crew Members Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66400 Wetaskiwin Money Mart Wetaskiwin Customer Service Rep Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66392 Wetaskiwin Nueva Homes labourers for Home Renos Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66401 Wetaskiwin Points West Living Wetaskiwin Kitchen Prep Part Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66398 Wetaskiwin PW Transit Canada Leduc Wash Bay Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66391 Wetaskiwin Royal Canadian Legion Wetaskiwin Cooks Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66399 Wetaskiwin Super Clean Car Wash Carwash Attendant Part Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66405 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Total Maintenance Services Landscape Labourer/1065768 Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66394 Wetaskiwin Walmart DSD Receiver Part Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66393 Wetaskiwin Walmart Wetaskiwin Cashier Full Time Permanent
2018-11-01 66389 Edmonton Walser Contracting Ltd Construction Labourer/1064686 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66380 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin AJ Flooring & More Inc. Drywall Installer/1064650 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66379 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Creekside Home and Garden Greenhouse worker/1064932 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66381 Edmonton Dairy Queen Edmonton Cook/1064599 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66383 Wetaskiwin Seasons Retirement Communities Housekeeper Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66377 Wetaskiwin The Little Yard Card Company Snow Removal Euqipment Operator Full Time Permanent
2018-10-31 66382 Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Custodian 1 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-26 66375 Wetaskiwin Rose Country Inn Food and Beverage Server/1038427 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66370 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Bouchier Fort McMurray Labourer - fly in and out Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66371 Wetaskiwin Domino's Wetaskiwin Food Service Supervisor/1059457 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66368 Edmonton DOSANJH DEVELOPMENT General Construction Labourer/1058208 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66366 Edmonton JP TILES & GRANITE LTD. Tile Setter Helper/1058836 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66369 Wetaskiwin Peace Hills Lodge Wetaskiwin Lodge Attendant/TBG 18 159 Part Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66373 Wetaskiwin Perma Pipe Camrose Labourers Full Time Permanent
2018-10-25 66372 Wetaskiwin Peter Bonter Q.T. Renovations Plasterer/1026732 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-24 66362 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Cloverdale Paint Inc Leduc Warehouse/CSR/Indeed Full Time Permanent
2018-10-24 66364 Wetaskiwin Gemini Fabrication Ponoka Insulator Full Time Permanent
2018-10-24 66363 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Park2Go YEG Inc. Nisku Valet Drivers Full Time Permanent
2018-10-24 66361 Wetaskiwin Tim Hortons Wetaskiwin Baker/1058692 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66341 Edmonton 2107170 ALBERTA LTD Stucco Plasterer/1057473 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66342 Edmonton Boa Nova Contracting Ltd Roofer/1057644 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66344 Edmonton Central Painting Inc. Painter/1056440 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66349 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Edmonton Kenworth - Leduc Wash Bay Attendant Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66352 Edmonton Grand Windows Manufacturing Window Installer/1058541 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66355 Wetaskiwin Holiday Inn & Suites EIA Guest Services Agent Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66356 Wetaskiwin Holiday Inn & Suites EIA Housekeeping Room Attendant Part Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66340 Edmonton Millcreek Pizza Cook/1057865 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66343 Edmonton New Touch Painting Painter/1057339 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66358 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Optimum Concrete & Foundations Concrete Finisher Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66347 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Pet Value Part time sales Associate Part Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66354 Edmonton Precision Trenching Inc. Concrete Finisher/1046906 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66351 Wetaskiwin Safeway Canada - Wetaskiwin Cashier Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66350 Wetaskiwin Safeway Wetaskiwin Clerk - General Full Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66357 Wetaskiwin The Betahany Group Lodge Attendant Part Time Permanent
2018-10-23 66353 Wetaskiwin Warehouse One Wetaskiwin Sales Associate and Keyholder Part Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66334 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Airport Terminal Services Passenger Service Rep - Airline/1051176 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66333 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Airport Terminal Services Ramp Agent - Air Transport/1051157 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66339 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Ashley Homestore Warehouse Merchandise Handler Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66337 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Cora's Leduc Line/prep cook Part Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66332 Wetaskiwin Edo Japan Cook/1050911 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66335 Wetaskiwin Litek Interiors Drywall Installer/1049253 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66331 Wetaskiwin Panago Food Service Supervisor/1054543 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-22 66338 Wetaskiwin Village Creek Inn Pigeon Lake Pront Desk Guest Agent Part Time Permanent
2018-10-19 66329 Edmonton Acron Roofing Systems Inc Roofer/1054662 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-19 66323 Edmonton Dalran Construction LTD Concrete Finisher/1054949 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-19 66328 Edmonton MO JO Garden Centre Greenhouse Worker/1050397 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-19 66326 Edmonton ULTRA SHINE BUILDING MAINTENANCE Light Duty Cleaner/1052389 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-19 66324 Edmonton West Point Roofing Flat Roofer/1054972 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-18 66316 Wetaskiwin Drain Tech labourer Full Time Permanent
2018-10-18 66310 Edmonton Nathaniel Drywall Ltd. Construction Labourer/1053660 Full Time Permanent
2018-10-13 66286 Edmonton, Westlock, Wetaskiwin Student Works Summer Student Management Program Full Time Temporary
2018-09-05 66008 Edmonton Shell Canada Retail Store Supervisor/1016720 Source Full Time Permanent
2018-03-28 64707 Wetaskiwin Best Western Wetaskiwin Cook Full Time Permanent