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Date Posted
Posting ID:
Posted to Company Name
2019-02-19 67020 Edmonton 1688963 Alberta Ltd. Light Duty Cleaner/1142830 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67113 Wetaskiwin 7 Eleven Ponoka Food Service Worker Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67114 Wetaskiwin 7 Eleven Ponoka Sales Associate Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67160 Wetaskiwin 7 Eleven Wetaskiwin Sales Associate Part Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67111 Wetaskiwin A & W Ponoka Team Member Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67204 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin AAA Striping& Seal Coating General Labourer Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67031 Edmonton ABS Trucking Ltd Greaser/1143538 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67033 Edmonton Achieve Concrete Ltd. Concrete Finisher/1143473 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67080 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Airport Terminal Services Ramp Agent/1148164 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67145 Edmonton Aktas Floors & Interiors Ltd. Floor Covering Installer/1153961 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67112 Wetaskiwin Alberta Health Service Food Service 1 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67202 Edmonton Anand Carpentry & Construction Ltd. Painter/1163383 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67072 Edmonton Antrim Construction Ltd. Construction labourer/1184646 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67084 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Atlas-Apex Roofing Flat Roofer Laboureres Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67061 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Aurora Cannabis Harvest Team Member Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67076 Edmonton Baytek Interiors Plasterer/1147259 Full Time Permanent
2018-03-28 64707 Wetaskiwin Best Western Wetaskiwin Cook Full Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67021 Edmonton Boa Nova Contracting Ltd Roofer/1142720 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67188 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Boardwalk Building Cleaner/1161003 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67139 Edmonton Boardwalk Rentals Painter/1153791 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67165 Edmonton Boston Pizza Cook/1158148 Part Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67099 Edmonton Brant Hotel fort Saskatchewan Waiter/Waitress/1148038 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67130 Edmonton Buco Pizzeria Cook/1152760 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67078 Edmonton BUKHARA INDIAN BISTRO Chocolate Maker/1147372 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67200 Edmonton Bulk Barn Edmonton Cashier/2592685 Part Time Permanent
2019-01-16 66837 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Busy Boyz Roofing Roofer/1117573 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67127 Edmonton Canada Cartage Swamper/Labourer Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67069 Edmonton Canadian Cribbing Ltd. Concrete Pump Operator/1147307 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67129 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin CANADIAN OATS MILLING LTD. Labourers Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67177 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin CanWest Concrete Cutting & Coring General Laborers Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67123 Wetaskiwin Cargill Seasonal Dryer Operator - night shift Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67201 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Certa (Metal Fabrication) Ornamental iron worker/fitter metal fabrication/1163767 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67190 Edmonton Chameleon Topcoatings Ltd. Labourer - Plastic product manufacturing/1160167 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67198 Edmonton Chop Steakhouse & Bar Line Cook/1160316 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67153 Edmonton Cineplex - Rec Room West Ed Cashiers/2311875 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-05 67135 Wetaskiwin City of Wetaskiwin Facility Operator Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67138 Edmonton City Spring Ltd. Receptionist- clerk/1153273 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-11 67169 Edmonton Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel Front Desk Agent/1160058 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-14 67008 Wetaskiwin Correctional Service Canada Food Distribution Helper/Cook's Helper/Reference number: PEN17J-017539-000028 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67137 Edmonton Curry Vibes Cook/1153938 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67121 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Deanna Walper Racing Stable Groom - Horse Race Track/1153254 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67118 Edmonton Delicious Pho Cook, Ethnic Foods/1140057 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67186 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Delnor Construction Construction Labourer/1161009 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-25 67067 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Delnor Construction Carpenter/1148138 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67142 Edmonton Denny's Restaurants Cook/1154265 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-05 67134 Wetaskiwin Dollarama Wetaskiwin Assistant Team Leader Part Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67192 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Dosanjh Development Drywall Installer/1161653 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67032 Edmonton DOSANJH DEVELOPMENT General Construction Labourer/1143332 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67097 Edmonton EastGlen Inn Hosekeeping Attendant/1146246 Part Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67022 Edmonton Ecopest Inc. Pest Control Technician/1142729 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67058 Wetaskiwin Evraz Production Workers Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67075 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Flynn Canada Ltd. Sheet Metal Worker/1147611 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67155 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Franks Sandblasting & Painting Painter/1079975 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67089 Wetaskiwin Fuhrop Farms Ltd. Dairy Herdsperson/1148863 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67082 Edmonton Gateway Casinos Edmonton Slot Attendant Part Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67167 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Gill Built Homes Stucco Plasterer/1158214 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67159 Wetaskiwin Glover Trucks Camrose Shipper/Deliver Driver Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67203 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Golderado Contracting Corp. Pipelayer/1162253 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67182 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Gordion Construction Ltd. Plasterer/1161322 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67083 Edmonton Grand Villa Casino Edmonton Server Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67181 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Habaneros Mexican Grill Line Cook/https://www.habanerosmexicana.ca/menu Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67173 Edmonton Harman Cheap Tiles & Granite Ltd. Administrative Clerk/1156788 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67041 Edmonton Heritage Nurseries Ltd. Landscape Labourer/1143899 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67162 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Holiday Inn & Suites EIA Guest Service Agent Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67152 Edmonton Home Depot Cashier/2562069 Part Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67148 Edmonton Home Depot Lot Associate/2562135 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67172 Edmonton Home Depot Purchase Order Clerk Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67151 Edmonton Home Depot Cashier/2562069 Part Time Permanent
2019-01-10 66790 Edmonton Home Depot Cashier/2272046 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67149 Edmonton Home Depot Edmonton Order Picker/2562093 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67126 Edmonton Hopewell Residential Labourer Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67045 Edmonton Horizon Carriers Inc Long Haul Truck Driver/1134341 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67110 Wetaskiwin Humpty's Family Restaurant Cook/1151611 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67043 Edmonton Iruka Restaurant Cook/1143895 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67175 Edmonton J. Branco and Sons Concrete Services Ltd. Concrete Finisher/1082915 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67189 Wetaskiwin J. Branco and Sons Concrete Services Ltd. Concrete Finisher/1082915 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67183 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin KFC Outlet Mall EIA Food Counter Attendant/1130737 Full Time Permanent
2019-01-23 66905 Wetaskiwin Leanne's Bar & Grill Millet Cook/1122325 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67124 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Leduc Golf Club Line Cook/Prep/Indeed Full Time Permanent
2019-01-23 66904 Wetaskiwin Litek Interiors Camrose Construction Labourer/1059907 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67174 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Lobo Ceramic Tile Ltd. Tilesetter/1160113 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67077 Edmonton Lucky Supermarket Kitchen Helper/1147493 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67073 Edmonton Lucky Supermarket Baker/1147492 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67023 Edmonton Luigi's Concrete Ltd Concrete Finisher/1142353 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67196 Edmonton Mark's West Ed part time Sales Associate Part Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67026 Wetaskiwin McDonald's Restaurants Food Service Counter Attendant/1127714 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67191 Wetaskiwin MESC Custodian and cook Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67037 Edmonton Met Exterior Plasterer/1143415 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67117 Edmonton Mikado Restaurant Edmonton Cook Full Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67102 Edmonton Mucho Burrito Food Service Counter Attendant/1150800 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67019 Edmonton New Touch Painting Painter/1142641 Full Time Permanent
2019-01-08 66784 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Nitco Group Canada Inc. Wood Floor Installer/1109988 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67034 Edmonton NORTHSTAR CONCRETE LTD Concrete Finisher/1143863 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67146 Edmonton Original Joe's Edmonton Cook/1153526 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67029 Edmonton Panago Pizza Pizza Cook/1144165 Part Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67115 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Paws In Paradise Inc Dog Daycare Attendant Part Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67154 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Peoples Trucking Ltd. Mechanic Helper/1079286 Full Time Permanent
2019-01-31 66943 Wetaskiwin Pho & Rice Cook/1103155 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67104 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin PhoXpress Leduc Cook/1095626 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67087 Wetaskiwin Pizza Hut Food Service Supervisor/1147536 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67059 Wetaskiwin Pizza Hut Wetaskiwin Team Member/2014-685 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67163 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin PJ Trailers Leduc Service Tech/Yard Assistant Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67086 Wetaskiwin Poly-C farms Ltd. General Farm Worker/1146100 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67195 Edmonton Popular Bakery Food Service Counter Attendant/1161733 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67096 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Procor Limited Railway Car Repairer Helper/1104751 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67140 Edmonton Queen Donair Cook/1153382 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67036 Edmonton Regency Innovations Inc Cabinetmaker/1143361 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67116 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Rigid Oilfield Services Ltd. Swamper - Oilfield Services/1152828 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-21 67051 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Rona Cashier/ST-19-66470-1008 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67028 Wetaskiwin Rona Camrose Team Member - Lumber Yard/ST-19-66150-0779 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-21 67052 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Rona Leduc Yard Team Member/ST-19-66470-1011 Part Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67150 Edmonton Royal Imperial Liquor Store Loquor Store Sales Clerk/1156632 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-25 67068 Edmonton S & M Drywall Ltd Drywall Taper/1147011 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67063 Edmonton S & M Drywall Ltd. Construction Labourer/1146190 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67178 Wetaskiwin Sacred Heart School Wetaskiwin Custodian/https://star.simplication.com/Applicant/AttSearchR Part Time Permanent
2019-03-01 67109 Edmonton Sai Cleaning Services Ltd. Light Duty Cleaner/1150937 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67046 Wetaskiwin Season Retirement Communities Cook Part Time Permanent
2019-01-21 66878 Wetaskiwin Season's Retirement Communities Dining Room Server - Guest attendant Part Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67125 Edmonton Seasonal Impact Contracting Ltd. Landscape Construction Labourers Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67180 Wetaskiwin ServusCredit Union Ponoka Member Service Representative Part Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67166 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Shawcor Swamper - Oil field services/1158378 Full Time Permanent
2018-09-05 66008 Edmonton Shell Canada Retail Store Supervisor/1016720 Source Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67093 Wetaskiwin Shoppers Drug Mart Wetaskiwin Cashier Part Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67185 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Skyline Formwork Inc. Costruction Carpenter/1161292 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-11 67170 Edmonton Slick City Lube Automobile lubricator/1159926 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67141 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin SM Contracting Ltd. Concrete Finisher/1151926 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67119 Edmonton Sobeys Lakeland Ridge Food Preparer/1153415 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67070 Edmonton Sobeys Lakeland Ridge Cake Decorator/1148709 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-26 67071 Edmonton Sobeys Lakeland Ridge Cake Decorator/1148709 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67164 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Soul Oilfield Services Corp. Swamper - Oilfield Services Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67136 Edmonton Spice Centre Inventory Clerk/1143945 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67094 Wetaskiwin Sport Chek Sales Associate - Footwear/ID: 746550 Part Time Permanent
2019-02-21 67057 Edmonton Standard General Inc. Edmonton Concrete Forms Carpenter/1145853 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-28 67103 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Starline Painting Ltd. Painter/1150784 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67088 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Stericycle Cider Plant Worker Full Time Permanent
2019-03-11 67171 Edmonton Super 8 West Ed Truckland Front Desk Clerk/1160037 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67090 Wetaskiwin Suzanne's Camrose Retail Sales Associate/1145931 Part Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67018 Edmonton T.Gherman LTD Tilesetter/1141143 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67144 Edmonton Tackpoint LP General Labourer - Manufacturing/1154328 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-21 67056 Edmonton The Majestic Palace Inc. Banquet Cook/1145280 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67030 Edmonton Tiffin India's Fresh Kitchen Cook/1143579 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67038 Edmonton Tim Hortons Baker/1143357 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67197 Edmonton TJX (Marshall's and Winners) Store Associate/Marshall's WEM Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67156 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Top Line Concrete Constructin Labourer and helper/1090033 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67194 Edmonton Trademark Construction & Flooring Tilesetter/1161529 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-19 67024 Edmonton TripleClean Exhaust Maintenance Inc Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner/1143273 Part Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67131 Edmonton Unicon Concrete Speciaties Warehouse Associate/1154475 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-04 67128 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Van Beek Construction General Labourers Full Time Permanent
2019-03-13 67193 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Victory Homes Ltd. Drywall Installer/1162121 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-06 67143 Edmonton Virk Carpentry Ltd. Cabinetmaker/1154349 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67040 Edmonton VWR International Co Material Handler/1142804 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67092 Wetaskiwin Walmart Sales Associate - Bikes/Google Jobs Full Time Permanent
2019-03-05 67132 Wetaskiwin Walmart Wetaskiwin Meat Stocker Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67065 Edmonton Wendy's Restaurant Edmonton Food Counter Attendant/1147242 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-08 67168 Edmonton West Point Roofing Inc. Flat Roofer/1157246 Full Time Permanent
2019-01-16 66839 Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin Diner Cook/1102349 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-22 67060 Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin Physical Therapy Receptionist - part time Part Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67091 Wetaskiwin Wetaskiwin Registries Registries Clerk Full Time Permanent
2019-03-05 67133 Wetaskiwin White Gold Dairy Farm Ltd. Dairy Herdsperson/1153918 Full Time Permanent
2019-02-27 67095 Edmonton White Spot Edmonton Line Cook/Reference ID: 8E4uWmXVN6ag Full Time Permanent
2019-03-12 67179 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Wingate by Wyndham EIA Evening Housekeeping Attendant Full Time Permanent
2019-02-20 67035 Edmonton Wokbox Cook/1143602 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-07 67147 Edmonton Zarzor Restaurant Edmonton Cook/1157319 Full Time Permanent
2019-03-15 67199 Edmonton, Wetaskiwin Cheyenne Tree Farms Ltd. Tree Farm Worker - seasonal/1162788 Full Time Temporary
2019-03-12 67187 Edmonton Ermineskin Cafeteria Cook/1160987 Full Time Temporary
2019-03-12 67176 Wetaskiwin Ermineskin Cafeteria Cook/1160987 Full Time Temporary
2019-03-08 67158 Wetaskiwin The Bethany Group Lodge attendant/https://www.thebethanygroup.ca/docmanger/public/ca Full Time Temporary